Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pork and Pipe Smoking

Living in the South Eastern United States one quickly learns to find the best places to dine on swine.  Coming from Texas, where beef barbecue is king, it took me a while to even try pork BBQ, but once I had my first pulled pork sandwich on two pieces of white bread, with the just as alien BBQ sauce that was thin, vinegary and spicy, I knew I had been missing out.
One place that my wife and I enjoy for ribs is a small regional chain known as Dreamland. Based out of Alabama, the company has two Atlanta Metro locations, their only ventures outside their home state.
 While I will say I have had more tender, fall off the bone, pork, the sauce here is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy.   
As with most BBQ sauces from the region it is vinegar based, but whereas most are thin, and will soak bread, compromising a piece of white breads integrity,  there sauce is still thick, and will adhere to a piece of white bread, and stick quite nicely to ones ribs, and ones lunch.   Perhaps my enjoyment of their sauce is the happy medium between the sauces of the east and the molasses based sauces that I left in Dallas.
As well as the delicious, smoky and sweet meats that this chain cooks up, the branding of the restaurant also gets points by displaying the founder’s image, clenching a pipe. Being a pipe enthusiast it’s a fresh change of pace to see the hobby so predominately displayed.
Enjoy these pics from Dreamland BBQ, or better yet, find a way to get a slab.   


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