Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Graphic Using Adobe Illustrator

Well, I have a beer review waiting for editing, so that should be posted in the near future, at least before I leave for Atlanta for a long weekend away from the Dallas metroplex. In the meantime I am still plugging away at learning Adobe Illustrator to build out my graphic design portfolio.

Today I worked on this, a newish idea for a banner/link for this blog. As always I would enjoy your comments on the work. As well, if you are a blogger (a small time blogger at that) I am willing to work out a trade for light graphic design work in trade for cigars and beer. If interested please email me at to work out the details. Home brewers, please also feel free to also inquire.

For more involved work, or if your blog is more than just a hobby, I am willing to work for cash. I feel my rates are are bargain, and being untested, I am open to negotiate if you feel that I am asking for too much. Please use the same email listed in the paragraph above to inquire about specifics.

Happy Drinking!

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