Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning

Hello all, hope you're having a nice Sunday afternoon.

Today as my wife sits in her recliner, sleeping away the weekend, I have lit up a bowl of C & D Bayou Morning. This blend according to's description is "a strictly Virginia/Perique blend with stoved red Virginia" tobacco.

In the pouch is has a sweet and tangy nose akin to a sweet mustard.

It smokes quite nice, and has a mild to medium strait tobacco taste with a natural sweet taste. It has a subtle pepper note that really comes out when exhaled through my nose. I am through about half to three quarters of the bowl as I write this, and i can feel the nicotine, even after a large lunch.

I have never really enjoyed Virgina blends in the past, but this bowl has been the exception. I can definitely see myself smoking and purchasing more of this blend, and would readily recommend this to any pipe smoker.

My wife did not love the room note, but she tolerated it easily.

Happy smoking!

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