Thursday, January 1, 2009

Peaches & Cream - Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco

Happy 2009 on this New Year's morning. Thought I would start the day with Charles Mingus and a smoke before breakfast.

Filled up one of my new ebay pipes with a bowl of Peaches and Cream that was waiting for me in the mail yesterday from Outwest

In the pouch/baggie it has a nice mellow sweet coconut smell to it, unlike 1-Q that kinda reeks of its vanilla casing.

Once packed into my pipe and lit it burned consistently and cool, never developing any bite. A slight gurgling did occur during the halfway point, but i would attribute that to not tampering the bowl regularly.

Becuase my wife isnt here, i cant really say what the room note is like, but if its simular to what i smell in my moustache then I would say its a nice, mellow sweet/fruity smell.

Unfortunately neither a peach or real tobacco taste developed during the smoke. It didn't have an unpleasant flavor, but then again it didn't have much flavor at all. If i can get over the fact that this was boring to smoke, the mild flavor and likewise nicotine punch might make this a good morning smoke. I will see if the flavor grows on me after a few more bowls.

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