Saturday, February 18, 2012

La Gloria Cubana Serie N Glorioso

Another Saturday morning is upon yours truly, another pot of coffee has been brewed, and I am ready to enjoy another cigar.

This morning I have selected a La Gloria Cubana Serie N Glorioso. At 6 ½ by 58, this is a hefty cigar wrapped and filled with tobacco form Nicaragua, and rolled in the Dominican Republic.

When browsing my local brick and mortar, I was sold on this cigar in part by a love for the Serie R, as well the unique hexagonal box, the dark oscura wrapper contrasted with a letter N, apparently cut from a natural piece of tobacco.

The initial light of the stick was full of a generic spice with hints of nutmeg. Through the first inch or so the spice profile progressed to about a medium full-bodied flavor profile that was augmented and balanced by developing cedar notes. Despite the gradual increase of the cigar’s spicy side through the first half, the flavor remained well balanced, and never overpowering.

After the halfway point was passed, and through when I had to put the cigar down, the woody notes became more pronounced, and a slight earthy undertone developed.

Combined with the bittersweet coffee accoutrement, this was a wonderful way to start my three-day weekend with lots of flavor and medium bodied strength. 

Happy Smoking!

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