Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snowmageddon (2012) by Rahr and Sons' Brewery

Welcome back to Pope Crisco's Intoxico,

Today was a wonderful, uncomplicated day for myself as it was a day off from work without that awkward call to the boss to feign illness to cover a need for release from the hoards of the ignorant masses that failed to read the numerous documents outlined in their mortgage agreements.

This morning, in the comfort of my own home and pajamas, I submitted a few resumes, and then worked on modifying a few aspects of my blog that I thought would be for the better.

To top off what has so far been a very pleasurable day, I am enjoying a midday craft beer, Rahr and Sons' seasonal offering Snowmaggedon. This beer, part of the brewery's “to thee series,” is an American /double imperial stout that was brewed by the Ft. Worth institution in tribute to the collapse of their roof after an unusual snowstorm in February of 2010, and the people who helped in the recovery.

Pouring the beer into a fashionable Rahr and Sons' pint glass (you can get your own and a sampling of their fine beers at their brewery tours) a chocolate colored head forms atop a dark, black ale that lacks any translucence what-so-ever. The head starts off strong, but dissipates to a dimes width quickly. Despite the minimal head, lots of pretty, sticky lacing mark the glass as the brew is consumed.

Aromas of toffee with a slight, floral hoppiness come off the freshly poured beer.

The initial sip of beer is full of toffee and dark chocolate notes that develop into a warm, toasted coffee like flavor. On the back end of the palate a raspberry sensation mingles with a slight alcohol hotness, that is not altogether unexpected due to the ale's 10% ABV.

Snowmageddon is a good, decent beer, but does not excite this drinker as much as the other big beers offered by this brewery.

Before leaving, please look at the new outlay of this blog, and let me know if it’s an improvement or not, and why. I appreciate your time, and input.


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