Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monte Pascoal Cigars' Corona

When it comes to non-Cuban tobacco, I find that I overwhelmingly prefer cigars with blends of tobacco from Brazil.  I was quite excited when I fumbled upon Monte Pascoal Cigars, which produces Brazilian Puros.

After acquiring a few of the coronas, which measure 5 5/8 inches with a 42-ring gauge, I allowed them to rest a few days before clipping the first stick.

Appearing to be one of the best rolled cigars I’ve had in a while, the cap of the dark stogie came of easily and clean. Taking a pre-light draw, there was a nice light earthy essence that was sweet and had hints of cedar and cinnamon.

Putting flame to the foot, an initial flavor of sweet leather is prominent. Drawing through the nose a wonderful pepper flavor develops, and is somewhat reminiscent of Cuban tobacco.

An inch into the smoking experience the leather notes subside and wood notes begin to take hold. The spice notes start to turn as well at this point, bringing out a nice subtle sweetness.

Fischer sleeps as I enjoy
this cigar and hunt for a job.

By the midway point of the smoking experience a slight metallic undertone begins to develop as the woodiness drives on, and a resurgence of spiciness begins.

With the metallic taste abated, the final third of this wonderful puro ends with the same wood and leather notes that made the whole cigar a sublime treat, and will become a regular part of my cigar rotation.
Happy Smoking!

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