Sunday, September 4, 2011

Buffalo Butt by Rahr and Sons

Happy Labor Day weekend,

Today, as my wife and mother hit the craft store sales, I am enjoying the quiet of a Sunday afternoon with a beer. To kick off the month of September, and the beginning of a Texas beer-centric month for this blog, I have the amber lager Buffalo Butt from Fort Worth’s own Rahr and Sons Brewing Company.

Pouring the contents of the “longhorn” (as opposed to longneck) bottle into a pint glass, the reddish nut-brown beverage does not form any real head to mention, but the surface does slightly boil with bubbles of CO2.

An aroma of bread and yeast is prominent with slight malt undertones as I gear up for the first taste.

Taking the first sip of the lager there is a light to medium, dry body with warm caramel maltiness. On the backend of the mouthful an unpleasant sourness develops reminiscent of acrid lemon zest.

Combining the beverage’s mild and somewhat monotone flavor with the distasteful after flavor I am disappointed that this beer did not have more to offer, as my expectations were high based on the beers enjoyed at the Rahr and Sons brewery tour last week. I can only hope that this is the exception and not the rule.


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