Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sorry For The Typos #3

Hey readers,

Hope all is well with you all. Today marks the one-month mark since I uprooted my life from Atlanta and moved back to my childhood home in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. It has been a bit of a challenge regarding some personal matters that needed to be addressed, as well as dealing with the boredom and frustration that comes from being unemployed. Luckily, I have few wants that are not being met by the grace of God, my wife Haley, and my family. 

At most I could only wish for the privacy of being in my own residence, having my own stuff and a kitchen available for home brewing, and a little bit more cash to spend on beer and tobacco. Oh, and I could wish for the summer to end. This summer will be the hottest on record ever for North Texas, and it looks like we will have at least another month of 90-degree highs before signs of fall begin to show.

For the website, expect to see a larger focus on the craft beers of the Lone Star State. While I will likely continue to switch things up with reviews of beer from local and national breweries, the month of September will be heavy in the review of Texas brewed goodness. Currently I have 3 beers from the Real Ale Brewing Company, 4 or 5 Shiner varieties from the Spoetzl Brewery, and a seasonal bomber from Rahr and Sons chilling out in my fridge, ready to be reviewed, and that promises to be just the start.

Currently I am trying to generate enough revenue from the website to garnish a day trip to Austin at the end of September for the Texas Craft Beer Fest for a DD and myself. If you’re interested in hearing content from the festival, please donate a buck or two to the PayPal account linked in the sidebar, or buy something via the advertisers on the site.

Cigar reviews and other cigar content will likely begin to taper off in October, and be replaced by content about pipe tobacco, and likely result in more videos being uploaded on my YouTube channel.

As always please feel free to share your comments here, on twitter, or on the Facebook page for this blog. I want to know what does and does not work from your perspective.   

Thank you for continuing to read and respond to my thoughts on intoxicants and intoxication.

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