Friday, September 9, 2011

Lone Star Beer by Pabst Brewing Co

In Texas there is a pride that comes from being in the largest state in the continental United States.  Personally, I’ve never really understood it, but I would be lying if I tried to suggest that it wasn’t something I had ever personally felt, or made the argument for.

While a part of me will fight for the glory of this state, another part cringes whenever I think of how I differ from the majority of Texans. As an example I have absolutely no love of football, but when my wife roots for the Sooners, I have to back the Longhorns. I am passionate for my love of President Lyndon Johnson, but hate most other Texan politicians with an equal passion. I am no fan of country music, but western swing is perhaps one of my favorite musical genres.

To bring this back to beer, another contradiction in myself is that while I am passionate about craft and local beer, I am not above drinking an adjunct lager. While they are lacking in every aspect of what makes beer wonderful, they can be refreshing, and as long as they are forgettable and not foul, perfectly fine to drink when no better options are available. 

This evening I decided to indulge in a six pack of Lone Star Beer, brewed by Pabst, sacrificing coolness for novelty (and for someone who calls himself Pope Crisco, cool is not my stock in trade.)

The color is as piss yellow as any other macro lager, the nose holds no distinctive notes other than being sufficiently macro beer-like, and it tastes like corn, rice, and water. There is nothing separating this bland lager from any other Bud-Miller-Coors branded beverage.

In other words this is perfect for just about any Cowboys fan that doesn’t have the sense to just get PBR or Miller High Life, both which have minimally more flavor and are roughly half the cost of other adjunct lagers including Lone Star Beer. 

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Brad M said...

'aint gonna lie. Just finished 40 of Old E. Sometimes a warm bottle of piss is just what the doctor ordered.

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