Monday, March 19, 2012

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro

Happy Friday boys and gals.

If you are lucky enough to be a college student or professor, today marks the first day of spring break for those of you, like my wife, lucky enough to not have classes on Fridays. Today (before sitting in front of my computer to apply flame to tobacco, sip coffee, and apply for jobs,) I kissed my wife goodbye as we loaded up the SUV for her trip to Lafayette, LA to see her family. For the next week I will enjoy the whole bed (well the 20% that my 30 pound beagle will allow me to have,) a few cigars, and a lot of craft beer. Maybe some wine or bourbon as well, but that is not set in stone.

To open up the week’s tour of intoxicants, I have selected an H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro, distributed by Altadis SA.

Filled with a combination of tobacco from Dominic Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru, and bound with additional tobacco from Nicaragua, this hefty 6 by 54 cigar sports an almost flawless Cameroon wrapper that is dark, and velvety thanks to the leaf’s natural oils.

Using the cutter on the end of my keychain, I pierce the wrapper twice to open the draw on the stogie, and prevent excessive tar buildup while smoking.

Initially, the cigar offers a light, sweet nuttiness. This bouquet gains additional generic spice and an underlying earthiness with exhaled through the nose.

Through the first inch of the experience the draw suffers, and creates a sour, paper like aftertaste. I feel this is a problem with my tobacconist’s position of his humidification system in his walk in. (I need to remember this and allow additional resting time in my own humidor.)
Luckily, giving the cigar another inch, and slowing down my pace considerably, the draw opened up, and most of the sourness dissipated in the next inch or so. This submission allowed development of the spice notes, creating a more defined, medium bodied, white pepper flavor.

Through the last half of the stick, the flavor evolves to a medium full flavor, mixing a combination of pepper and subtle earthiness for the final act.

Unfortunately the light breakfast I enjoyed before lighting up is not enough to stand up to the strength of nicotine brought to the party, and hits me with a quick jab to the head and stomach that was remedied by another cup of coffee and additional pastry. 

Overall the cigar was solid, decent, and at 6 and a half bucks, worthy of indulging in again, albeit after a more substantial meal.

Happy Smoking!

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