Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Padilla La Terraza Capa Maduro Serie 2010 Robusto

Good morning wonderful people,

It’s a quiet, slow Sunday morning. As the family and dogs rest peacefully I pour myself a heaping mug of coffee, queue up some Billie Holiday, and rummage around for a cigar to enjoy this morning, finally deciding on a Padilla La Terraza Capa Maduro Serie 2010. 

The cigar is a wonderfully dark, unquestionable maduro, wrapped cigar (originating from Nicaragua) that is both hefty and feels firm in my fingers.

Lighting the stick is easy, and it burns evenly throughout the smoking experience. The first inch of flavor is full of a nice mellow coffee body with accenting spiciness.

A less than favorable paper aftertaste does develop, but by the second inch of the cigar is just a faint memory. As well, the spiciness subsides, but is replaced by the sweetness one can expect from a quality maduro stogie, adding depth to the coffee essence, and complimenting wonderfully the cup of Columbian coffee I am enjoying.

By the last half, and through the point that I have to put the cigar down to avoid singeing the whiskers under my nose, the sweet earthy, coffee notes are persistent and augmented by a gradually increasing leather accent.

This cigar was just wonderful despite the early, short lived, detractions noted in this review. Never did any metallic or acrid flavors meddle with my enjoyment of this full flavored, medium full strength, cigar. At less than five bucks for this robusto, this is a great value to the budget conscious cigar connoisseur. 

Happy smoking!

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