Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ruthless Rye IPA 2012 by Sierra Nevada

Well, It has been just about a week since my previous employer and I parted ways, and I am still trying to decide if this course was for the better or ill. For the past few mornings I have scrolled through job postings searching for something different, but really only finding the same. I apply to jobs that my prior experience speaks volumes for, hoping only to stumble across something unique and inspiring.

As well, the lack of employment has also allowed me to play EA Sports NHL 2012, where in 13 games Pope Crisco is the lead leader in goals (32) and in points (40), helping the New Jersey Devils to a 7-4-2 record, bring my Dynasty Hockey League team to a winning percentage of better than .852, and other fruitless means of passing time.

Having earned my leisure, tonight I am enjoying the evening's ale, Sierra Nevada's 2012 Ruthless Rye India Pale Ale.

Adorned in a bottle with a label that seems inspired from antiquated bottles of liquor, with everything from fields of grain to the image of the Grimm Reaper, the beer decants a nice, super clear, burnt umber hue. An ever so slight off white head forms easy, crowns the beverage throughout the paced consumption during this review, leaving a very aesthetic lacing in its progression to absolution.

A nose of hop forward citrus greets the olfactory glands, accented by hints of spice and malt.

On the palate flavors of grapefruit and orange zest awaken the mouth. Before a sharp bitterness takes over the experience on, white pepper mingles with the citrus body. This allows an underlying malt body to temper the r essence of the hop forward ale, making a wonderfully complex and balance beer.   

This beer cannot come more recommended by myself for those individuals that like a full bodied, hop forward ale.



Jim F said...

We had that on draught at the Waterfront Ale House (Manhattan location) recently. Very tasty. And ruthless.

Pope Crisco said...

I can only imagine more-so from draught as opposed to bottle. A very tasty beer non the less.

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