Saturday, March 3, 2012

Distillers of Etherial Intoxicants: Pope Crisco's List of Influential Artists

This morning I am enjoying a cigar, a giant mug of coffee, and allowing myself to get stuck on where I want to be and where I am. This reflection, or obsession, whichever it might be, has me stuck on listing the heroes that have influenced my desire to seek a profession in the arts.

It is debatable that these figures and my obsession with them have led me astray, and thus my youthful intoxication with them has led to the hangover of adulthood.

The Writers:

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Jorge Luis Borges
Miguel De Cervantes
Ernest Hemmingway
John Steinbeck
Franz Kafka
Isaac Asimov
John Byrne
Frank Miller

The Visual Artists:    

Roy Lichtenstein
Jack Kirby
Edward Hopper
David Hockney
Jasper Johns
Edward Ruscha
Alfred Stieglitz
Robert Rauschenberg
Francis Bacon

The Musicians

John Coltrane
Django Reinhardt
Fats Waller
Charles Mingus
The Pixies
The Beatles
Miles Davis
Nat “King” Cole
Louis Armstrong
Lou Reed
Bo Diddely
Link Wray
Les Paul
Billie Holiday
Sarah Parker
Charlie Parker

Of course there are others not on this list, but who really wants to read a list of a fanboy’s object of obsession?

My intent of this list is to act as a jumping board for articles on these individuals created intoxicants. I (hopefully) will add links to this list of articles describing my personal response to their works as intoxicants, adding to the overall definition of Intoxico outside the realm of physical consumables.

Until then, thanks for reading, and indulging in my own musings on intoxication. While not quite the artistic expression I was hoping to produce in my youth, it is what I have for the time being. 

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