Monday, May 9, 2011

Craggie Dubbleicious

Just to limit the possibility that the second growler that I purchased last weekend will also be flat, I decided to crack open the Craggie Dubbleicious, a “Belgian style ‘double’ ale',” to celebrate leaving work early due to low call volume.

Thankfully, the carbonation and thus the head, unlike the previous growler I sampled, is quite healthy and frothy. Forming easily, the head is a slight, off white, with an orange tint. The beer is a nice peach tone, and is very cloudy with particulate.

As the name would suggest, the nose is slightly like bubblegum, being malt forward with a slight hint of banana (although after reading that line, I’m not sure how gum is “malt forward”).  

The mouth feel is amazingly full and thick, without leaving a sticky film on the interior of my mouth.

The primary flavor is banana and clove, without being overbearing in either respects. On the backend there is a very slight orange tone, without much bitterness to mention.   While beers of a similar flavor profile can often be made so sickly sweet, this brew is perfectly balanced with a mild sweetness, making the second and third beverage as drinkable as the first.

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