Sunday, May 29, 2011

Punch Rare Corojo “El Doble”

This weekend was the 2nd annual gathering of a group of pipe and tobacco enthusiasts who share their passions on YouTube, making a means of social media truly social.

While I did bring and smoke a pipe, I decided beforehand that I would be antisocial and distanced myself by purchasing and smoking a few cigars. I do tend to be influenced by the seasons in regards to my music and intoxicant choices, pipes constitute the fall and winter on my smoking docket and cigars for spring and summer.  

One of the cigars that I picked up and was not able to enjoy with my compadres, was this Punch Rare Corojo “El Doble.” The hefty cigar is 5.5 inches in length, and has a 60 ring gauge.  With the wife spending her day away from the house, and myself without big plans, I’m going to start a day of pajama-matic leisure with this bit of luxury.

The cigar starts, and stays consistently in the medium to medium full spectrum of flavor. The initial light is full of generic spice with a bit of nutmeg. These flavors stay pretty steady through the first couple inches, eventually becoming nutty and a tad sweeter by the midway point of the smoke.  By the last third of the stick, earthiness replaces the sweetness previously enjoyed, with only a very slight metallic note.

The nicotine content seems balanced and pleasurable. As I finish the Punch I can feel the stimulant without the worry of turning green. Overall, this was a very enjoyable cigar.

Happy Smoking.

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