Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale

Sunday has the best potential to be great beer day, despite not (currently) being able to buy it in the state of Georgia. On this day of rest I have spent the morning cleaning, sanitizing and filling bottles of beer, and to celebrate finishing my third homebrew, a lemon wheat beer, I am grilling up some flank steak for fajitas, and enjoying a pale ale, or three.  To start of my evening, which is turning to be a more typical Southern evening with warmth and humidity that keeps weaker folk in the north than the mild temperatures we had been seeing.  
To begin my Pale Ale Trifecta, I am starting with the local popular favorite of Sweetwater 420.  

The nose is bready, with hints of grapefruit or generic citrus.

The color is a nice translucent orange hue with a crisp, thick, white head that is quite healthy and robust, only losing only minimal body after sitting for a few moments.  A lot of carbonation is apparent.

Good balance between hoppiness and maltyness, with a slight leaning towards the hoppy side with an orange citrus flavor that, like the body, is light, and easily drinkable.

Overall this is a fine beer, although I’m not quite sure it warrants the popularity that it garnishes.


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