Monday, May 23, 2011

Terripin Brewing Co. Side Project #15 "Indiana Krunkles"

Last week, a friend wrote this wonderful review of Terrapin’sSide Project “Tomfoolery” that drove me to so much desire I was driven to seek out a bottle for my own enjoyment.  Having a love for this brewery’s normal production line, and needing something to assist my Zoloft regiment in “making the happy” I thought some turtle power couldn’t hurt, I scoured local beer stores for an elusive bomber.
Unfortunately, my endeavors where not rewarded with my desired prize, but I did snag up the most recent Side Project, #15 “Indiana Krunkles” for a steal at just less than 8 bucks for the 22oz bomber.  

The appearance of this wheat IPA is a semi cloudy, amber beer, with oodles of active CO2 bubbles, adorned with a stark white crown of head, that on the initial pour is about 2 fingers tall, but dissipates to about the thickness of a couple nickels.

A floral and citrusy nose promises wonderful hop goodness that welcomes the first sip, which proves to be hop forward. This hoppyness though is not overly bitter thanks to the wonderful round sweetness of the wheat malt. 
Fruity flavors are somewhat pronounced, and somewhat suggests banana in the same way juicy fruit gum has hints of banana, but in a good, balanced manner.

This is another example of how Terrapin Brewing is the absolute best brewery I have ever had the pleasure of sampling. God forbid I ever have to move out of the Southeast, and be denied the treat of this locally produced intoxicant.


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