Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Brick Pale Ale

Since moving to Atlanta from Dallas, TX a little more than half a decade ago I have fallen in love with what living in the Southeast  provides, which includes (but not limited to) the verdant landscape, pork BBQ (sorry Texas, while beef BBQ is good, it’s no pulled pork), and the availability of truly good, local beer. One brewery that fits this “beer from around here[,]” is that of Red Brick Brewing Co, (formerly Atlanta Brewing Co).

Having recently reviewed another Atlanta brewery’s pale ale, Sweetwater 420, I decided to compare Red Brick’s own Pale Ale.

The nose is a sour, generic citrus

Appearance is cloudy, and somewhat in-between a burnt orange and an umber color. The head is massive, and slightly off-white. Head retention is also amazing, starting off at a good three fingers after the initial pour, dying down very slowly, and staying a good half finger through the last half of the drinking experience, and leaving an almost pornographic amount of lacing.

The first sip is hop forward, with a generic citrus flavor, leaning towards grapefruit, rounded out with a mild maltyness. On the backend, much like my own endeavors in brewing pale ales, there is a slight sourness that I do not often experience in most commercial pale ales.  While this sourness ads to the character of a pale ale, it tends to be a bit much in this example.  

Ultimately, while this is a very tasty and refreshing beer, it is perhaps not my favorite example of the style.


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