Sunday, April 3, 2011

The best Que in my Community

With spring upon Atlanta, the wife and I decided to enjoy the warming weather with a favorite southerner pastime of consuming domesticated animals, primarily chicken, beef and pork, which have been slow cooked over the embers of smoldering hardwood chips, also known as BBQ. Currently our favorite eating establishment for this fare is Decatur’s Community Q BBQ.

While BBQ tends to be highly regional, Georgia does not have the distinction of cultivating its own BBQ culture, and you will tend to find the Que that the Carolina’s are known for, principally pulled pork butt with a sharp, vinegar based BBQ sauce. Since moving to the southeast, from my home state of Texas, I have really learned to love this style of BBQ, and often is preferred over the thicker Kansas style sauce and beef BBQ that the lone star state excels at producing, which if I made such a declaration in my home state would likely end in a physical altercation. However, every Texan, despite what she or he might say, misses their home, and often BBQ can be the bridge that can bring comfort. For me, the best link I have found here, east of the west, is the brisket at this restaurant.

While their pulled pork is as good as any in the city (and the chicken is also a safe bet too), the beef is really the dish to try here. They don’t shy away from the wonderful fatty cut of meat. Every slice of brisket they cut seems to have the perfect amount of “bark” or smoked exterior that is full of savory wonder, while balanced by bringing out the sweetness of beef in the body of the cut. As well, the staff at Community have seemed to perfect the ratio of fat to protein, making each amazing bite moist, but not gelatinous.

Their sides, while a lot of similar restaurants often will offer similar fare, are set apart by the freshness and handmade qualities they display as well. The fries seem fresh cut and are fried to perfection and spiced wonderfully, the mac and cheese is to die for, and to quote my wife, “there is more beef than [BBQ baked] beans in this serving.”

Excuse me, while I go into a beef induced coma for the rest of this lazy Sunday.
Pope Crisco

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