Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Belgium Brewery’s Mighty Arrow

This weekend my wife and I went to a pot luck hosted by some friends, and while my wife provided a wonderful succotash, and I provided a 12 pack of New Belgium Brewery’s Mighty Arrow.

 Once poured, this pale ale is very clear, and exhibits an orange straw hue. The head is a stark white, and fluffy like a cumulus cloud, floating about a finger’s height above the beverage (although on a more aggressive pour ended up about 4 fingers).   The heads retention is wonderful, and holds up well, so much so that the last sip is, in fact, all head.

The nose is bready, with a nice hop back end.

The flavor is crisp, slightly sweet, and on the back end a great hop flavor without a strong hop bitterness on the initial sip.  This bitterness subsides quickly to become a very well rounded beer, with a malt front end becoming hoppy on the backend.

While it is a very easy session beer with enough bitterness to keep interesting, the mouth feel is a little on the watery side, and makes what is otherwise a very good beer a little less special. A must try, but not a must try again, kind of beer in my opinion.


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