Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trader Joe’s Mission St. Hefeweizen

Being a home brewer, while always looking for new beer, sometimes I’m also driven what to try by my needs for bottles. Always on the lookout for inexpensive 22 oz bombers, and finding a couple offerings of Trader Joe’s beers for 2 bucks a pop, I picked up the Mission St Brown Ale, and  Hefeweizen.

For no particular reason, I reach for the hefe.

Only a slight head is apparent after a semi-vigorous pour, and what is gained, quickly dissipates to just a slim ring around the edge of my glass. The hue is a warm tangerine, with a cloudy, style appropriate body with minimal visible signs of carbonation.

The nose has a slight orange/generic citrus front, with a malty finish.

Expecting more of a heavy, banana and clove forward experience, I am rewarded with a much more mild flavor, with a nice bitter backend, rounding the initial sip.  The flavor is all hefe, without being overly sweet and overbearingly malty.

The mouth feel is thick and coats my mouth. The mild flavors, combined with a bit of bite and carbonation tingles over my palate, creating an odd, but pleasurable experience.


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