Thursday, April 14, 2011

Terrapin’s Golden Ale

Well, thanks to a newly negotiated 4 day work week with Fridays off, and a system issue, I find myself off for the weekend at noon on Thursday and ready to have a beer. My choice is limited to what is already cold, Terrapin’s Golden Ale.

Upon the initial pour, the head is minimal (about half a finger), bright white, and quickly dissipates. . The beer itself has a nice orange, straw color.  Active carbonation makes the beer seem somewhat alive.

The nose is very much like a sweet orange. Not much bitterness to be detected.

The flavor is light on the palate exhibiting a sweet, malty, slight orange flavor, with little more bitterness than most macro lagers, but still very mild. Overall Golden Ale is very drinkable step or two above conventional mass produced lagers that offer a light, refreshing and somewhat crisper flavor in comparison to brown and black ales.

 A great choice for summer and spring day drinking to escape the heat.

1 comment:

Sud Savant said...

Consider my curiosity peaked. I'll be looking for it.

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