Saturday, April 23, 2011

SweetWater Road Trip

As I see my wife off to prom, to watch over her flock as their shepherd,  I go through the motions of domestic solitude. I eat and prepare a frozen dinner, throw on some hockey and my pajamas, and decide to attack the Sweetwater “Tackle Box,” a sampler of 4 beers, a seasonal, their pale ale, wheat, and IPA offerings, to round out a wonderfully unproductive Saturday.  

I decide to go with the least familiar of the brews from the Atlanta, GA brewery; the “bikini seasonal” Road Trip.

The beverage pours with a fair amount of carbonation, but the white head is a little less than a finger in height. 

The ale itself is very clear, and streams of CO2 bubble vigorously.   

The nose is light, exhibiting a bready signature.

Mouth feel is thin, acidic and dry. A very slight lemon flavor comes through, but is quickly overshadowed by a strong bitterness on the back end, without any other prominent flavors coming through.  This bitterness is odd, for it does not have the same bitterness that say an IPA would exhibit.  Coupled with a lack of any sweetness or any other flavors to round out the acrimony, this beer is a distasteful beverage.

Overall this beer is not a pleasant drinking experience, and is not recommended. Let’s all hope this Road Trip is impeded by a dead end, making this the final season of this seasonal offering.  

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