Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Magical Mystery Tour Is Comming To Take You Away (To Flavor Town)

One of the fist things that any self respecting, male glutton does when moving to a new town or city is hunt for the best slice of pizza. Having a good pizza option is the foundation of what will make or break a new home. Missing my favorite Mama’s Pizza, that specialized in making garlic and grease the primary components of their offerings, my wife introduced me to a few places around my new home. A few of these places, while decent pizza options, never really could match my expectations.  

Something had to change, and it had to be me. No longer would I have the pools of garlic saturated butter left on a barren pizza pan to soak up on saved crust.  One place my wife loved was Mello Mushroom, where she could get a pizza that had a traditional red sauce and topped with spinach, feta, tomatoes, and drizzled with pesto.  And this was okay, I suppose, but never quite did it for me, making the excitement I had for pizza wane. I cannot recall the circumstances, perhaps I had made my feelings for her favorite pizza known, or perhaps she could feel my dismay for her choice, but we had made a decision to break free from routine, and try another option.

Probably based on the fact that it offered a jalapeno kick and a pesto base, the Magical Mystery Tour (made up also of button and Portobello mushrooms, spinach, and feta ) grabbed my attention.  After my first slice of this pizza, I was hooked. The combination of meaty mushrooms, overbearing garlic from the pesto, and the spice of the jalapenos offers a wonderful mélange of flavor.  Perhaps it is not so much of the juvenile treat that Mama’s offered, but it is quite wonderful.

Being lent friendly,and not being a fish sandwich, is also a bonus during this lent holiday, with the wife out of town.

Pope “The Walrus” Crisco

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