Friday, April 22, 2011

Gordon Beirsch’s Maibock

Well, it’s Friday, about Beer – Thirty, and time to pop a top or two.
Had to do some shopping for dinner tonight, and decided to pick up a six of something, where I found Gordon Beirsch’s Maibock.  Only recently seeing this breweries offerings, I am assuming its new to the south east, and decided to give it a go. The 7.3 ABV also helps find its way into my basket.

The nose is light and malty, while the head is a wonderfuly heafty, and exhibits a light tan hue. This bed of head sits atop a clear, amber brew, that is rife with co2 bubbles trekking to the beverages surface.

As pretty a beer to look at though, the flavor leaves much to be desired. Bursting at the seams with notes of caramel and honey, the beverage is cloyingly sweet. It seems more akin to a topping for waffles and pancakes as opposed to a beer.

The mouth feel reinforces this opinion, as it is thick, and sticky, clinging to the mouth, leaving me thirsting for something to cleanse the palate and not another beer.

While the overall quality of the beer seems high, the recipe is just too much in the opposite direction of what I look for in a beer to garnish much interest  for this beverage in the future.  

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