Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trader Joe’s Mission St Brown Ale

Happy Easter all. It’s nice and warm here in the ATL, My wife and I are cooking our semi traditional Easter carnitas (Spanish for “little meats,” pork shoulder is slow cooked with a little water, salt and OJ, until it is melt in the mouth soft, and very savory) are cooking away for tacos later this evening, and I am in the mood to open the second bomber of the Trader Joe’s Mission St beer, this one a brown ale.

The head is somewhat thin in body, but pours out about two fingers before quickly dying down to a nickel’s thickness. The beer itself is a nice rich brown that is somewhat opaque unless held up to a direct source of light. The lacing exhibited by the beer is decent, being healthy on the sides of the pint glass, but not so much lacing that it would be considered sexy to this beerophile.

The nose smells what I would call a very “beer” smell, being very malt forward with slight suggestion of coffee or chocolate.

The flavor is on the medium side, and very nutty on the back end, with slight coffee like bitterness on the back end of the drink.  The mouth feel is nice, wet and refreshing, that it serves well as a mid afternoon adult beverage, but I feel there is just the right amount of flavor that it would work well accompanying any number of meals.  

A very enjoyable beer for a sunny spring Sunday afternoon.

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