Saturday, April 23, 2011

Red Brick Brewing Co Tasting/Tour

Of the many things that have influenced my love of Georgia, and Atlanta in particular, is the very strong beer culture which supports 4 or five micro breweries, and a number of restaurants and taverns that serve their own brews.  While I personally think Terrapin, based in Athens, is the state’s best brewery, In Atlanta in particular, Red Brick Brewing Co (formerly the Atlanta Brewing Company) easily out brews the vastly more popular Sweetwater brewing company.  

Multiple times a week Red Brick will offer a “brewery tour” where 8 bucks gets you a pint glass, and 4 tokens for some draft beer (although one can easily finagle an extra serving of tipple or two easily). Usually the wife and I will try to visit the brewery once or twice in the spring and summer and get a bit buzzed.  The only real drawback is the number of frat boys that also attend, usually from GA Tech, that also come for the cheap beer and available cornhole action.
I won’t go into any detailed reviews of their beers on this post, but here are a few impressions of the brews I enjoyed this tour:

Dog Days Ale, their new summer wheat, is wonderful for the style, with only a slight banana tone. Not being the biggest fan of that banana flavor, this was mild enough that it was pleasurable. My opinion aside though, it got high reviews by my wife.

Laughing Skull Ale, and Brown Ales are good, malt forward, brews.

Their Pale ale is clean, refreshing, and slightly bitter on the backend as the style would suggest.

And the Porter, my personal favorite of the night, was full of chocolate and espresso notes, and boasted a healthy 7% ABV.

I think next month I will concentrate on doing formal reviews of their beers, but in the meantime here are some pics from the night.  For more information on their brewery, and tours, you can find them on the web at


Starting with a Dog Days Ale.

wonderful tasty, dark, porter..

...parting is such sweet sorrow, but look at the pretty lacing.

the cycle of life for beer...

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